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Switch Partitioning

InteleRoute is the one of largest telecom providers of Switch Partition Services in the USA. A switch partition allows international telecom carriers to rent a portion of a state of the art data control switch to route various voice and data signaling through data centers around the world. InteleRoute switch partitioning supports VOIP to VOIP, TDM to VOIP, and TDM to TDM

InteleRoute provides carrier-class switch partitioning and collocation space in New York city. International PTT's, Tier 1 telecom carriers, and enterprise service providers are able to interconnect with carrier customers and vendors.

Our customers can configure their own array of VoIP Technology based services like reselling VoIP, PC-to-Phone Connectivity, Calling Cards, etc.

Dedicated Softswitch

InteleRoute Softswitch provides both carrier and enterprise markets a high performance, scalable SoftSwitch enabling the delivery of secure, reliable VoIP traffic and services over multiple IP networks.The Hosted Softswitch is a core component of our approach to wholesale Service Providers. It is these services that allow a Service Provider to become a full-fledged IP Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) without making time-consuming and costly investment in their own nationwide VOIP infrastructure.

The Softswitch includes call routing engine, media proxy and VoIP traffic accounting. It enables call termination from any IP telephony device, independent of its manufacturer, protocols and origin. The hosted billing solution allows our service providers to manage their customer’s details, rate plans, invoicing, and reporting. Service Providers have the option of invoicing their customers directly from our system.