InteleRoute Networks
PBX, IP-PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using SIP trunks instead of analog, PRI, or E1/T1 trunk lines.
SIP Trunking

InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking Service, enables you to connect your communications system (PBX, IP-PBX) to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using SIP trunks instead of analog, PRI, or E1/T1 trunk lines. These services combine the standard functions of a SIP proxy/registrar server with SIP Trunking support and duplicated server features to create a highly scalable, highly reliable SIP communications network. This resulting network supports telephony, instant messaging, conferencing, and collaboration solutions.

Business Benefits
Standards-based Communications
Standards-based Communications: InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking is built around SIP standards, allowing enterprises to deploy an open architecture that more easily supports the integration of multi-vendor telephony, collaboration and application services.
InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking Evolutionary
Evolutionary: InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking works with InteleRoute’s Communication Manager to support SIP trunking for current InteleRoute telephony endpoints, allowing existing analog, Digital (DCP), and IP stations to be addressable and able to communicate with SIP endpoints.
InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking Services
Secure: InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking provides enterprise-class IM, with user authentication protection, and encryption of all signaling and IM messages using TLS (Transport Layer Security).
Multi-Modal Communications
Multi-Modal Communications: InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking adds presence-aware instant messaging capabilities that allow employees in dynamic work conditions to quickly switch communications from voice to Instant Messaging (IM) and vice-versa at a touch of a button.
InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking
High Availability: InteleRoute’s SIP Trunking supports server and database duplication and multiple network paths to provide a robust SIP infrastructure designed for enterprise-class telephony and instant messaging applications.