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Provide your customers with a prepaid home phone solution. Let your end-users utilize their dialup or broadband Internet connection to make and receive low cost calls at home. Your customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of inbound numbers and enjoy calling features like voicemail, call forward, speed dialing and more. Through our web end user interface they can manage their features, track their calling activity and recharge their calling accounts using recharge coupons.

Your customer's inbound phone number works anywhere in the world, whether their VoIP device is connected to the internet or if they set up call forwarding to receive calls on any other phone.

Solution Components
Network & Features

InteleRoute manages one of the world’s first and most advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) networks to provide your customers with the highest quality Internet Telephony and the most advanced features. Our open architecture infrastructure ensures that our network services can be fully accessed and utilized with any SIP device.

Least Cost Routing System
Utilizing a comprehensive Least Cost Routing System, InteleRoute provides your customers with the best possible quality and the lowest rates by choosing the best route to send the call.

Network Operation Center (NOC)
InteleRoute’s network engineers and assistants support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a secure login, you can access our Network Operations Center (NOC) via the internet and interact with our technical experts to help resolve any issues.

Network Features
Your end-users can enjoy a full range of network features, equivalent to a regular phone experience, while using VoIP technology.

Billing & Reporting

With InteleRoute, you can set up any desired billing plan using a broad range of flexible pricing features that allow you to increase profits and broaden your product offering. Billing features include per minute charges, different calling account increments, rounding, access fees, Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC), customized price plans, and more.

Reporting Tools
InteleRoute's Online Analytical Processing Tool (OLAP)

Hardware & Software

InteleRoute certified a broad range of multiple port gateways that allows you to create your own calling card platform. Consult with the InteleRoute sales team and choose the gateway that best fits your needs based on your expected calling card traffic volume. InteleRoute will guide and support you through the installation process and at no time your end users will be ready to place calls using your own Calling Card Platform via InteleRoute's VoIP network. Use our standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts or create your own IVR prompts with your language and brand name embedded.

Certified* Hardware & Software
VoIP Gateways
* Tested and certified to work with the InteleRoute’s network

Web Interface

InteleRoute provides you with an End-User Interactive Center (IC) that allows your customers a simple, straight forward way to track and manage their account activities online. This online application enables your customers to perform a variety of functions, activate features and serves as a focal point for displaying calling and account balance information. Your customers log onto the End-User IC with a InteleRoute calling account UserID and Password.

Your End-User IC can be customized to match the overall look and feel of your brand. You can change the graphic design and layout, such as the color scheme and font type to reflect your company's visual identity. InteleRoute gives you the option to embed this application onto your own website and your customers will have seamless access to their account information directly through your own website

Customer Service

InteleRoute helps you support your customers. You can ensure a maximum level of support to your end-users with InteleRoute's Customer Service Interface (CSI) application. Through the CSI, you can manage and view calling account activity as well as access Call Detail Records (CDRs), billing and balance information, transaction logs, calling plans, technical information and the function to recharge accounts

Account Management

InteleRoute's dedicated and experienced Account Management Team effectively provides support and solutions for you to grow revenues for your business. Our diligent team of Account Managers, Support and Technical Assistants offer effective feedback, problem solving, support and solutions, with quick response times.

Calling Card

Build your own Calling Card Platform using InteleRoute's turnkey solutions. Your customers will be able to make low-cost, premium quality calls worldwide by dialing your own local access telephone number, hearing your customized IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in your local language from any local phone.

InteleRoute offers you the option to use our own Global Access Calling Card Platform, allowing your customers to make VoIP calls from local access numbers to any phone worldwide. You will get to use our standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts or create your own IVR prompts with your brand name and language embedded.


InteleRoute's callback solutions lets you provide your customers with a unique way to make calls. InteleRoute has developed a new line of CallBack VoIP products that enable users to make low-cost calls worldwide using any regular or mobile phone. Whether your customer calls a local access number and hang up, send an SMS message, or use the web to place a CallBack call, InteleRoute will call back and connect the call to any phone number worldwide.

Tel Callback
This solution allows your customers to initiate calls via an access telephone number. Simply trigger the calls by dialing an access number from any registered phone number that they select, without having to enter their user ID and password. Your customers will receive a call back and the call is connected to any phone number they specify.

Web Callback
This solution allows your customers to initiate a call via web application. Simply trigger a call between two parties using regular or mobile phones on a time preference by accessing our Web CallBack application online. Your customers will have to enter the two telephone numbers they wish to connect, choose the time they wish to speak. They will get a call back connected to their chosen number and time.

SMS Callback
InteleRoute's SMS CallBack solution allows mobile phone users to place calls worldwide using SMS messages. No computer or internet is required to place premium quality, low cost international calls via InteleRoute's VoIP network.

ANI Platforms

InteleRoute offers prepaid calling through Calling Card Access Numbers located around the world. Make calls using our low rates when you're away from your internet, connect by calling an access number similar to a traditional Phone Card. With the InteleRoutes' ANI feature you can activate the numbers where you call from most frequently (your cell phone, home phone, office phone) and our system will automatically recognize you and authenticate the call. There is no need to remember an account number and PIN when you dial from numbers that you have previously setup. Share your prepaid phone call credit with friends and family so that they can say goodbye to phone cards forever!!

Note: PINLESS feature may not work for every international access number.

How it Works

Login to your Control Panel.
Click on "Calling Card Setup".
Choose a 5 digit PIN number.
Enter a phone number and description for those numbers you wish to register with pinless dialing.
Dial a calling card gateway.
Wait for the dial tone, then dial the number you wish to call.
Consult the Control Panel online help section for more detailed information on this feature.